Why Network Engineering

Why Contract with a Network Engineer?

Networks are vital to modern business. From large multinational organizations, to a small office; if your network isn’t performing, your ability to conduct business is compromised.

Small and medium sized business don’t need a full time network engineer on staff, and all the costs that go with it. Contract engineers offer specialty network services on demand, without the high overhead of another employee.

So Aren’t You Just Another IT Guy?

The term IT has come to cover a multutude of different disciplines. There are generalists who understand common applications and PCs well. They handle trouble tickets from users and help with PC problems.  Then there are specialists who handle network operations, network design, security, infrastructure, servers, data centers and cloud computing. These are the IT people that you bring in on a project by project basis.

So what services do you offer that my IT guy doesn’t?

I offer a comprehensive portfolio of network design, configuration and management services for:

  • New network installations
  • Network upgrades and redesign
  • Network operations
  • remote site management
  • Network security
  • Data Center Operations
  • Cloud miration and operation

I will work with you to define your network requirements based on your business needs, cost of ownership, network lifecycle and risk identification and management.

Why do I need these services?

Having a good network design, and taking care of your network health can improve business agility, security and availablity. A scaleable network allows for easy and cost effective expansion.

  • Are your network costs at market value or are you overpaying?
  • Can you leverage new technology to reduce network costs?
  • How do I integrate the new technology with my existing infrastructure?
  • How do I know if my network is performing well for me?
  • Does my network give me a competitive advantage?
  • why does my network performance deteriorate over time?

Network Engineers can help answer these questions, streamline network operations, reduce down time, prevent catastrophic problems interrupting business and more.

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