The Engagement Process

How do I engage with you

If you haven’t contracted network engineering services before, what is the process and what are the expectations?

This is the process I use for engaging with clients:


This is often a call or meeting where the scope of work is established and I gather information about your business case, use cases, technology requirements, business operations etc, that I can use to define the network requirements.

Then we establish the resources and responsibilities, timescales and constraints in order to establish your new technology deployment.

Once this happens we can draft a stement of work. The statement of works defines our agreed scope and detail of the work. Once signed, the work can being.

Design & Implement

When a design is created, it will include a comprehensive documentation package, not just for the technology involved, but including factors like user training, security, sub contractor requirements etc.

Implementation will be overseen to ensure compliance with the design and

Operate & Optimize

Once your new technology is up and running, it does not mean the engagement if complete. There is first day support, user training, network monitoring. Longer term there are product and device lifecycles to considernetwork performance analysis, network health checks to consider.

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