My Career

I have enjoyed a number of careers in my working life. I have been an electronics design engineer, a pre and post sales engineer in the semiconductor industry with a focus on data communications, and a network engineer as a freelance engineer and for a large multi national company.

In my various roles I have designed electronic systems for planes, tanks, cookers, industrial controllers and digital road signs and a whole host of other things.  I have designed my own silicon chip from concept to production.  I have also designed data centers and remote site networks for a global enterprise.  Engineering is in my blood.

Currently I am the IT Security Operations manager for the previously mentioned global enterprise responsible for global cybersecurity operations, incident response and IT policy enforcement.

In my spare time I have designed, built and operated audio (PA) equipment for live music and events, built my own motorcycle, redesigned and rebuilt my apartment, and a whole host of other smaller projects too many to mention.

I learned to sew, creating heavy duty nylon products for use by military, police and civilian shooters alike, with some of my designs being used in Iraq.  

I love to learn.  I taught myself AutoCad many years back, and have created 3D models for plastic molded parts as well as pressed metal parts. I have some knowledge of software; I learned to code in machine code using a ZX Spectrum, and I used to teach VHDL to other engineers for creating programmable logic devices.  I studied networking and gained a number of Cisco, Microsoft and VMWare certifications.  I am currently studying six sigma and hold a yellow belt certification.

Engineering always has a purpose and through my designs I have helped various companies make money with innovative and cost effective products.  In my sales roles I have helped clients with their designs, created new product definitions, and in many cases exceeded sales targets.  As a network engineer, my work has reduced costs, risks and increased operational efficiency.