ABB Industrial Controller Display Panel

I worked at Three Five Systems for five years.  I was the only engineer in the UK office and in my time there I did the electronic design, PCB layout and the plastic molding design.

This assembly is the front panel for an industrial controller.  It consisted of 6 dual digit displays (14 segments), and a bar graph module. Both of these modules are custom assemblies, so I had three PCBs and two plastic moldings to design.

the complete assembly

The electronics to drive all of this consist of discrete transistors for bank switching, National 5450s for the LED driving, (remember this was the early 90s) and a couple of voltage regulators.

The PCB back side

I used PCAD to perform the PCB layout, and AutoCad for the plastic moldings.  However, to create these modules, Three-Five would use the silicon die and wire bond directly to the board. In the picture above, the black blobs are where the die is located.

The completed Module

I can't find a decent picture of the completed module, but here is a watermarked picture of the module.