About me

Hello there!   I'm Tony and this is my outpost on the web. I'm a tech worker with a love of motorcycles, travel, music, language, technology and I like maybe five people.   


I was born and raised in the UK with most of my childhood spent in the county of Devon. In 1986, I graduated from Plymouth University (Plymouth Polytechnic as it was then) with an Higher National Diploma (HND) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  In 2000 I moved to the USA, and I now live in the wonderful state of Colorado where I love to hike and enjoy the amazing motorcycle rides here.

Social Media

This blog is focused on my professional life, but there are also links for my personal blog which details my hobbies, non professional studies and interests, and other blogs for language learning.  I maintain a professional presence on LinkedIn and a personal presence on Instagram and YouTube.


For all enquiries, please use the contact links shown on this page.  For professional enquiries, you will be taken to LinkedIn, and for personal enquiries, email can be used.