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Programmable System on a Chip

In my time working for Ambar components, I had spent a lot of time working and training with the folks at Cypress Semiconductor, so when an FAE position opened up in Texas, they offered me the chance to apply which I did.  I was lucky enough to secure that position, and found myself relocating to the Dallas area. 

One of my first successes with Cypress semiconductor was the work I did with a digital sign maker in Texas.  The types of signs they designed and built are the roadside dot matrix signs. 

The PSoC module

Cypress had a product called PSoC ( Programmable System on a Chip). The PSoC was a small micro controller with configurable I/O which in this case was used for ultra bright LED driving and a serial interface for module to controller communication.  The module drove a small matrix of LEDs.  These modules would be connected together to form one large display panel.

The sign comprising PSoC modules

This is the back view of a completed display module.  The PSoC modules are connected via serial interfaces to a PC card, that handles the graphics and communications requirements of the sign.  The signs could be permanently mounted or portable mounted on a trailer (as seen below)
The completed Item

The completed item shown is one of the first trailer mounted signs.