Custom LED Dot Matrix Display

This project was a stackable LED dot matrix display.  I don't have the drawings for this any more but this would have been about 25mm x 100mm (or 1"x4" for my American friends).  For this design I was again responsible for the electrical design, PCB layout and plastic molding design.

The Display Module

In order to make this stack correctly, the plastic molding had indents and protrusions to ensure alignment.  The photo below shows this detail.

This shows the location lugs

The electrical and PCB design featured a bank switched LED array, driven by a National 5450 LED driver, with the die directly mounted to the PCB (the black blob shown below) so part of the PCB design included the die layout and bonding diagram for the die placement. 
LED driver on the board

I believe this was in red but as for the purpose of the display, that is lost in the mists of time.