De Dietrich LED Control Panel

Another display module design that I put together was for the French company De Dietrich, who  manufacture high end cooking equipment, and this module was intended for an oven.  The module required an LED display with custom icons, two switches and a rotary switch encoder.

The completed module

This module comprised two designs, the LED display module and the main board it was mounted to.  The LED module consists a printed circuit board and custom plastic molding.  The custom molding includes a flame icon and a celsius symbol.

The icon is top right of the module

As with other Three-Five designs, the LED controller die was bonded directly to the custom LED PCB.  Three-Five Systems had extensive experience with wire bonding, as all LED displays require wire bonding.

Sadly I cannot find a picture of the display in the final unit, so if anyone has one, please feel free to send me a copy.