Industrial Controller Display

This was another industrial controller display, that was to fit into a quarter DIN enclosure. However I cannot for the life of me remember who the customer was.

The module was to fit in a quarter DIN enclosure, and comprised a custom plastic molding.for the display, and a printed circuit board.  The display chip was a National 5450 as was used in many Three-Five modules.

The four switches were I believe soft switches and were just routed back to the main board.  All in all, a very compact design.

Lenze Industrial Inverter Display Panel

This was one of my first LCD designs.  Again I was responsible for the electrical, PCB, LCD and mechanical designs. This was a custom LCD display that was to fit into a plastic molding.  The LCD was a separate custom design that I put together including the metal bezel.

Custom LCD module on the main assembly

The electrical design for this was a little more complex.  Back in the 90s the LCD was driven but both X and Y drivers, mounted in die form under the LCD PCB.  The LCD itself was a custom design completed on AutoCad and manufactured by Three-Five Systems.

Completed Assembly

The remaining electrical design was conventional surface mount tech, as can be seen in the photos of the completed unit.  Some push buttons and LEDs completed the design.

The Complete Unit in situ

And this is what it looks like in the finished unit.  The module was designed for a number of different units, this is just one of the 

Bang & Olufsen LED Bargraphs

Bang and Olufsen are a Danish audio company known for their very high end design. This was one of my first designs at Three-Five. The design itself is quite simple, but the complexity lay in the wire bonding. To get the design just right, some of the bonds had to be as long as 4mm.  This is a very long wire bond and getting that wrong can lead to low production yield.

Green and Red LED Bargraph

Some very long bond wires

The good news was the factory was ok with the bond wire length and the units went into production.  What I wish I knew is what system these went into.